For Site Owners

Designing for Accessibility – Quick Tip

Understanding all the nuances of designing an accessible website can be overwhelming.  If you’re just getting to know the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), it can be even harder to grasp. Posters for Dos and Don’ts Thankfully, the Digital Office for the UK has developed a series of posters that provide easy to… Read More

Web Accessibility Audits – Quick vs Comprehensive

Web accessibility audits let you know how well your site complies with WCAG standards. They provide a snapshot of the current state of your website and give you a guide to what you might need to fix. Web audits can vary from quick to comprehensive. The kind of audit you… Read More

What’s your strategy for your accessible documents on your website?

Now that AODA is in full effect for larger organizations (those with over 50 employees), the question of dealing with accessible content is becoming important. And although making documents like PDFs accessible seems a bit daunting, it can be done. Choosing an approach: Start with an inventory of the documents… Read More

What’s involved in making websites accessible?

It’s not unusual for people to think that making a website accessible requires complex code, fancy tricks, boring design and a lot of money. In fact, making websites accessible is straightforward once you know what’s involved. The World Wide Web Consortium (affectionately known as W3C) has developed Web Content Accessibility… Read More

PDF Accessibility Testing

The 3rd Annual Accessibility Camp Toronto was held this past weekend at OCAD University. For anyone interested in digital accessibility, it’s a must attend event. If your organization uses PDFs to any extent, either on your website or internally, you’ll want to watch the presentation given by Denis Boudreau. In this… Read More

Accessible websites are part of the next phase of AODA legislation

Staring January 1, 2014 if your organization has 50 or more employees, you’ll need to start thinking about the accessibility of your website. What’s required? If you’re going to be launching a new website, relaunching an existing site or publishing new content (yes, that includes PDFs), after January 1 2014… Read More

Short sighted? Does your website unknowingly ignore key decision makers?

“Why not just create a second version of a website to accommodate people with disabilities?” “Why would an auto manufacturer need an accessible website?  People with vision impairments don’t drive after-all.” These are questions that came from an audience member attending a session about website accessibility. Is that type of… Read More

There is no quick fix for web accessibility

We often come across service providers who offer tools they say will make your web site accessible. These tools usually require software or a plugin to be downloaded and installed by the end user. More often than not, these tools will only work on Windows but not a Mac. While… Read More

Quick Tip: Web Accessibility. Test with automated tools but …

It’s always good practice to test your pages or WordPress templates for accessibility before you release them to the world. There are all kinds of great tools for checking your site’s web accessibility. Test your site with WAVE from Web AIM, check the colour contrast of your site or even use a… Read More

Misconceptions about Web Accessibility

Despite the best efforts of so many web accessibility champions, there still exist many misconceptions – and much misunderstanding – about what it all means. Just this week, I had a conversation with a colleague who needed to include accessibility in the scope of the project. “We need to make… Read More