PDF Accessibility Testing

The 3rd Annual Accessibility Camp Toronto was held this past weekend at OCAD University. For anyone interested in digital accessibility, it’s a must attend event. If your organization uses PDFs to any extent, either on your website or internally, you’ll want to watch the presentation given by Denis Boudreau. In this 1 hour talk, Denis shows us the 15 tests for PDF accessibility and how to fix any issues.

PDF Accessibility Testing by Denis Boudreau

Note: captioning begins about 6 and half minutes in to the presentation.

Summary of testing steps

  1. Access restrictions
  2. Default language
  3. Document title
  5. Content reflow
  6. Read out loud
  7. Semantic structure
  8. Tabbing order
  9. Informational images
  10. Decorative images
  11. Meaningful hyperlinks
  12. Page numbering
  13. Running headers & footers
  14. Data tables
  15. Form fields