The Final Countdown

Brace yourself. If your business or not-for-profit has 50 or more employees, the time is running out to get your website ready for the looming AODA deadline.

What’s the deadline again?

In a nutshell, your website and all the content (posted from 2012 on) needs to be accessible by January 1, 2021.

What does accessible mean?

An accessible website works for anyone, simple as that. They can easily order merchandise or find your locations without running in to any roadblocks.

How do I meet the deadline?

It likely depends on whether you’re in the middle of a web revamp at the moment or your planning to maintain your current site for a few more years.

If you’re currently working on a new site, make sure your web developer is building an accessible structure for you.  As the site owner, you’re likely responsible for content creation so you need to play a part as well. Make sure your videos have captions, your content is structured with appropriate headings and any PDFs posted to your site are also accessible.

If you’re planning to maintain your site as is for a few more years, you may need to have a web audit done to see where the issues are. An audit can tell you what fixes need to be done to the structure (something your web developer can help you fix) and what content needs to be fixed –  headings, captions, etc. You may not get everything fixed by January 1st but you’ll be on the right path.

Even if your company isn’t required by law to be accessible, it’s 2020. Organizations spend a great deal of money on SEO and attracting clients. Why have a website that excludes anyone?