Timelines for the Integrated Accessibility Standards

Now that you have your requirements in place for the Customer Service Standard, it’s time to start looking at your public-facing website as well as your Intranet (if you have one) to ensure you’ll be able to meet the deadlines set out in Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation.

The Ministry developed Introduction fo Ontario’s Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (pdf) which outlines the relevant timelines for compliance .  By 2014, all new Internet websites and web content on those sites will need to meet WCAG 2.0 Level A for private sector organizations with 50 or more employees. By 2021, those same organizations will need to all of their Internet websites (new and old) and web content meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards.   Private sector organizations with fewer than 50 employees are not obligated to provide an accessible website.

Private sector organizations of all sizes will need to have an accessible feedback mechanism in place by 2015 and have accessible formats and communication supports in place by 2016.

If your organization is in the process of developing or updating a website, it simply makes sense to include web accessibility as part of the plan.