Services to meet Web Accessibility Standards

icons of different disabilities ie wheelchair, pregnancy, broken arm, hearing impairedSo you’ve been hearing the buzz about Web Accessibility Standards! Now you are wondering what that means and what your options are. We can help. Like you, we want your website to work for everyone.

Awareness – Live Accessibility Audit Review

With over 90% of websites not accessible, there’s still much confusion. “What makes a website accessible?” is a common question. Our favourite answer is suggesting a Live Accessibility Audit. During this one-hour recorded audit of your website, we’ll show you where visitors may be prevented from buying your products and services.

Have your developer join in and we’ll share insights and tools that will help with the web accessible journey. And best of all you’ll even be able to ask questions.

At our introductory price of only $495, we think it’s one of the most valuable, eye opening offerings we’ve ever launched.

Reporting: How accessible is my website now?

With regard to web accessibility standards, before you make the decision to repair or rebuild your website, doesn’t it make sense to know where your website currently stands ?

With easy to read Accessibility Reports starting at just $995, you’ll be able to make a quick assessment of your website and decide next steps. For an additional small fee, we can even include a live session of the report to explain the results and provide you an opportunity to ask questions.  

Remember, automated web accessibility tools only catch about 40% of issues. Sometimes they can miss certain errors that only a human can catch.

Repairing: My website isn’t accessible, we don’t know how to fix it, but we love our website.
How about a Web Accessibility Retrofit?  

We get it. You put a lot of time and money into building your website only to find out it’s not accessible. As custom WordPress developers, we can recreate your website so it’s close to the current design and accessible. It’s less painful, quicker and less costly than a brand new website. Also think of the expanded market you’ll tap into by making your website inclusive.

Rebuilding: My site is a mess, I need Accessible Web Design.

Sometimes the accessibility problems are so widespread, even the content needs re-organizing, that a retrofit is just not an option. Maybe your website is over three years old, dated and it’s simply time to redo it.

Since most websites in the past weren’t built with accessibility in mind, it’s quite probable that your current website is not fully accessible. Although it will require a larger investment, you have the luxury of ensuring accessibility is baked in to the project while creating a modern, professional website.