Services to meet Web Accessibility Standards

Reporting: How accessible is my website now?

With regard to web accessibility standards, before you make the decision to repair or rebuild your website, doesn’t it make sense to know where your website currently stands ?

With easy to read accessibility reports starting at at $995, management can make a quick assessment of their website and decide next steps. We can even include a live session of the report to explain the results and provide you an opportunity to ask questions.  

Remember, automated web accessibility tools only catch about 40% of issues. Sometimes they can miss certain errors that only a human can catch.

Repairing: My website is pretty accessible, but I don’t know how to fix the issues to meet web accessibility standards.

If the repairs you need are content-related, you may be able to fix issues through your Content Management System (CMS). Things like “alternative text” (alt text) for images or proper heading structure can often be repaired in your CMS.

Other times the accessibility problems are at a code level. That’s where an accessible web developer can help. Like an accountant discovering where your tax calculations went astray, they’d look at the accessibility report as well as the code to identify patterns or problem areas to fix.

Think of making a website accessible the same way you would if you made chocolate chip cookies. It’s easier to bake the chocolate chips in at the start of the process than adding them in after the cookie is finished.

Rebuilding: My site is a mess, I need Accessible Web Design Help.

Sometimes the accessibility problems are so widespread that repair work is just not an option. Maybe your website is over 3 years old and dated and it’s simply time to redo it.

Since most websites in the past weren’t built with accessibility in mind, it’s quite probable that your current website is not fully accessible. Although it will require a larger investment, you have the luxury of ensuring accessibility is baked in to the project while creating a modern, professional website. In the long run, that often turns out to be a better way to go. It leaves you with a great looking website aligned with your current business objectives, a clean base of code and updated content. And as a bonus, an accessible website is a search engine friendly website!