Services to meet Web Accessibility Standards

So you’ve been hearing the buzz about Web Accessibility Standards! Now you’re wondering what that means and what your options are. We can help. Like you, we want your website to work for everyone.

Awareness: Live Web Accessibility Review

With over 90% of websites not accessible, there’s still much confusion. “What makes a website accessible?” is a common question. We recommend a live web accessibility review

We’ll spend an hour with your team showing you what it’s like to use your site for different users. This recorded review will identify where visitors may hit a roadblock trying to buy your products or use your services.

We’ll share insights and tools that will help with your web accessibility journey. And best of all you’ll even be able to ask questions.

At our introductory price of only $495, it’s one of the most valuable offerings we’ve ever launched.

Repairing: Our website isn’t accessible but we don’t know how to fix it.

How about a Web Accessibility Retrofit?  

We get it. You put a lot of time and money into building your website only to find out it’s not accessible. 

If your accessibility issues are minor or limited to one feature on the site, repairing might be the best solution.

We can take a look at the code and recommend fixes your team can put in place. Or we can dive into the code and make those fixes for you. Think of the expanded market you’ll tap into by making your website inclusive. 

Rebuilding: Our site is a mess. We need Accessible Web Design.

Sometimes, a website has so many accessibility issues that repairing becomes too expensive. It’s time to start from scratch. 

Yes, this will be a bigger project. But if you build a website with accessibility in mind, you can create a modern, professional website that works for as many people as possible.