There is no quick fix for web accessibility

We often come across service providers who offer tools they say will make your web site accessible. These tools usually require software or a plugin to be downloaded and installed by the end user. More often than not, these tools will only work on Windows but not a Mac.

While these tools have their merits, they really are little more than a band-aid or quick fix for a website that isn’t accessible. The tools don’t necessarily provide support for a wide spectrum of end-user needs e.g. some will read the information on a website out loud – useful for someone with a vision disability but not much value for someone who is┬ádeaf or hard of hearing.

If your organization is working on making your website accessible, these tools may offer a way to bridge the gap until your remediated website is launched. However, over the long term, these tools can’t take the place of a properly built, accessible website.