Quick and Easy Accessibility Check

Many website owners thinking that checking the accessibility of their website can only be done by experts. While it’s true that a full and comprehensive audit is best left to professionals, anyone can do this test quickly, easily and at no cost.

Put your mouse away

Keyboard navigation is usually the first test we run when we’re asked to take a look at the accessibility of a web site. It quickly highlights some of the main accessibility issues most sites have. Put your mouse to the side and just use your keyboard to tab through the page.

  • Can you see where you are on the page? Is the current content highlighted so that you know what item you’re cursor is on?
  • Are you able to fill out and submit a form? Can you use the navigation menu to get from one page to another? Can you stop the slide show on the home page?

Being able to use a keyboard to navigate and interact with a site is essential for your visitors with limited mobility who can’t use a mouse. It’s also important for visitors who use a screen reader to navigate the web.

Take 5 minutes right now to see if you can browse your website without a mouse. If it’s a breeze, that’s great news. ┬áIf not, it might be time to call in the professionals who can see what else might need to be improved on your site.