1.9: Accessibility Benefits

An accessible website is an investment, not a burden. It improves the interactive experience for all users.

Benefit Outcomes

Drive Innovation

Accessibility features in products and services often solve unanticipated problems encountered by many customers.

  • Video captions let people watch videos without sound in a quiet environment
  • Descriptive colours help shoppers pick the best t-shirt to add to their ecommerce cart
  • Captioned TikTok videos are viewed more than videos without captions.

Enhance Your Brand

Diversity and inclusion efforts, critical to business success, accelerate with a clear, well-integrated accessibility commitment.

  • Diversity and inclusions builds trust and makes your brand relatable
  • The impact of an accessible website goes beyond the person with a disability. 1 in 4 Canadians have a disability but that number is multiplied by that person’s family, friends and colleagues.

Extend Market Reach

The global market of people with disabilities is over 1 billion people with a spending power of more than $6 trillion. Accessibility often improves the online experience for all users.

  • Content can be translated more effectively into other languages
  • Plain language makes it easier for visitors learning your language
  • An accessible website is a search-engine friendly website making it easier to be found.

Minimize Legal Risk

Many countries have laws requiring digital accessibility.

  • A lawsuit or human rights case has a negative impact on your organization’s reputation.
  • Potential fines and legal settlements can be significant.
  • Settling legal claims can be a distraction from your primary operations.