1.7: Goals, Values and Targets

Measuring Business Success

Success = Goals + Values + Targets

  • Step 1: Define your key go to market business goals.
  • Step 2: Establish business values that clearly define your business culture.
  • Step 3: Evaluate your target audience to clearly define business best practices.

To measure your level of business success, you need to evaluate your business goals, your business values and your business targets. It is difficult to understand things that you haven’t measured.

For every goal, you need to determine how your values apply and what targets you’ll use to measure your success. Take the following example.


Reach new markets


  • Build a more inclusive workforce
  • Abide by legislation e.g. AODA
  • Increase market share by making products and services accessible to people with disabilities


  • Make sure web products can be used with assistive technologies
  • Make sure photos and video posted to social media include alternative text or captions
  • Use plain language to describe products and services