How will you mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day?

The idea of a Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) was hatched by Joe Devon’s blog post in 2011. It didn’t take long for the accessibility community to jump on the idea and make this day an annual event. This year, over 50 in-person and virtual events are planned to get people talking about digital accessibility.

What can you do to mark the day?

If you’re already familiar with digital accessibility, take 10 minutes today to talk to a colleague, client or your table mate at the coffee shop about the topic. It’s amazing how a simple conversation can turn someone on to a subject that impacts just about every one of us.

If the whole idea of digital accessibility is new to you, there are lots of easy ways to find out more.

What about tomorrow?

Like most annual events, GAAD gets lots of attention on the 3rd Thursday in May. But what about tomorrow? And next week?

Use the energy generated today to keep the conversation going.

  • If you haven’t already joined your local meet-up group, make that your plan.
  • If you’re on Twitter, participate in the conversations about accessibility (#a11y, #accessibility).
  • Have a blog? Write about your experience making a digital project accessible? What did you learn? What were the challenges?
  • Attend an accessibility camp or conference. Not only will you learn good things, you’ll also meet some great people.

So, how are you marking Global Accessibility Awareness Day today?