For Site Owners

Short sighted? Does your website unknowingly ignore key decision makers?

“Why not just create a second version of a website to accommodate people with disabilities?” “Why would an auto manufacturer need an accessible website?  People with vision impairments don’t drive after-all.” These are questions that came from an audience member attending a session about website accessibility. Is that type of… Read More

There is no quick fix for web accessibility

We often come across service providers who offer tools they say will make your web site accessible. These tools usually require software or a plugin to be downloaded and installed by the end user. More often than not, these tools will only work on Windows but not a Mac. While… Read More

Quick Tip: Web Accessibility. Test with automated tools but …

It’s always good practice to test your pages or WordPress templates for accessibility before you release them to the world. There are all kinds of great tools for checking your site’s web accessibility. Test your site with WAVE from Web AIM, check the colour contrast of your site. These tools are effective… Read More

Misconceptions about Web Accessibility

Despite the best efforts of so many web accessibility champions, there still exist many misconceptions – and much misunderstanding – about what it all means. Just this week, I had a conversation with a colleague who needed to include accessibility in the scope of the project. “We need to make… Read More

Webinar Scheduled for NTEN and Ontario 211 Network Members

If you’re a member of NTEN or the Ontario 211 Network and want to learn more about web accessibility, please join Cindy Leonard and I on May 16, 2012 for a free webinar. Access for All: Basics of Website Accessibility provides a basic overview of web accessibility including requirements for Section… Read More

Timelines for the Integrated Accessibility Standards

Now that you have your requirements in place for the Customer Service Standard, it’s time to start looking at your public-facing website as well as your Intranet (if you have one) to ensure you’ll be able to meet the deadlines set out in Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation. The Ministry developed… Read More

Web accessibility starts with the design

An accessible website is made up of more than clean, well-written HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  Yes, the code behind the scenes is important.  If it’s not written with accessibility in mind, chances are the site won’t be accessible. However, the visual design of a site is just as important when… Read More

Latest version of AODA Integrated Accessibility Regulation available for review

When the Proposed Integrated Accessibility Regulation was released for review last September, it was a first step toward simplifying and streamlining the Information and Communication, Employment and Transportation Standards of the AODA legislation.  But that first draft was not entirely well-received for a variety of reasons including it’s lack of clarity… Read More

Olympic sites fail to deliver on accessibility & universal design

The winter Olympic games have been an exciting, and sadly tragic, viewing experience for fans around the world.  The developers of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter games and CTV Olympics have built sophisticated websites offering a vast amount of information.  They’ve also opened up new ways to follow the games… Read More

New Year’s Resolution – An Accessible Website

A new year feels like a fresh start for many of us.  It’s a time for breaking old habits or starting new ones.  And, it’s an opportunity to commit to doing things better.  Has making your website accessible been added to your list of resolutions? An accessible website can be… Read More